Fibre + Wild Hand @ Mt. Airy Village Fair


Mt. Airy Village Fair

Day full of weaving, fiber, and fun @ Wild Hand

While hanging out at the studio we worked on a quick little pibione tapestry! With hand dyed blue roving as bright as the sky, and of course we were feeling the cotton candy fair vibes!


Whichever texture you are going for, the finished product is always stunning! We went for a simple yet effective rustic approach with our fair inspired pibione tapestry. A touch of pink velvet yarn was a great final touch next to the whimsical blue roving tied tassel. You can learn more about pibione on our online classes launching this fall. Join our mailing list for more info!


In all, it was a lovely day. We can absolutely not wait for next year’s fair. We have SO many good times ahead at Wild Hand this fall, and we are looking forward to every magical creative fiber day we spend inside the shop!

Check out our workshops page to see a full list of October workshops!

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of joining our favorites, Wild Hand, at the Mt. Airy Village Fair! It was a fun day in the sun full of weaving and chatting all things fiber (and fibre!).


Italian for ‘grapes’, pibione is a method of weaving that uses a sick to create a raised pattern in the form of small bumps above the warp. These pibione can be small and close together, creating a tight knit pattern, or large and chunky for a modern textured look!

sun set2.jpg
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You are always in for a treat when the day is spent at Wild Hand! Their stock is BREATH-TAKING, and always changing and growing! We had the chance to connect with all of the incredibly talented women who teach workshops at Wild Hand. It was magical to be surrounded with this group of creative power houses. From macrame to embroidery, these ladies do it all! We of course had to selfie the moment! You can check out a full list of lovely workshops here!

wild hand teacher group shot.jpg

Woven Bag Workshop @ Wild Hand


We had a blast making these colorful woven bags at our Wild Hand workshop this summer! During this class students experimented with bright color pallets, new weaving stitches, and a variety of Wild Hand’s responsibly sourced yarns!


Working with a twill and basic tabby pattern, students were able to create various designs all their own to create their woven bags. Manos Del Uruguay wool yarns created a pop to our color pallets, while darker tabby offset the colors added to the layers of contrast.


Some students chose a dark warp thread, to contrast their twill pattern, while others went with a natural pallet. All were super effective and mesmerizing to look at.

When weaving a small bag (or large) intention is key when it comes to picking materials and design. Will your bag be folded in half and then sown together? Will you loose an inch or two of your design with a draw string at the top?


With so many things to consider proper planning and sketching is the first step! Once you know where you are headed the creativity of color picking and adding textures is well — in the bag!