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Melonie Wallace is a fiber artist in South Philadelphia. Having studied fine art and art history in Italy, her fiber art combines her approach to classic oil painting and her passion for travel and world culture; combining global textures, form, and color into one medium. After the birth of her son in 2015, Melonie began transitioning from oil painting to textiles and quickly found this new tangible medium to be her most meditative and yet quite expressive.

She created fibre studio in 2018 with the hopes to be able to share her love for textiles with others. Melonie feels:

“ The process of weaving - creating something with your hands is so meditative! To have a piece of fabric, a scarf, etc. at the end that is of your own hand is amazing! Teaching methods and ideas to others is the best thing an artist can do. It is a true way to connect with others in your community and around the world! Art is always universal.”

Melonie has exhibited her artwork in galleries throughout the US, Europe and the UK, such as: Gallery Café Art Bar, Florence, Italy; Eubie Blake National Jazz institute and Cultural Center, The Galleries at Moore; and Philadelphia's own Chris’s Jazz Cafe.

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